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I spruced up my basic shower curtain with a couple of Hobby Lobby buys

Jul 30, 2023

A DIY-ER was ready to give her bathroom a feminine touch.

She turned to Hobby Lobby for cheap décor that instantly transformed her shower curtain.

TikToker Abby Stricklin (@abbystricklin) doesn’t claim to be an influencer, but does admit that she is “easily influenced” by ideas she sees online.

Her latest obsession was a shower curtain hack that she couldn’t resist trying out at home.

“Okay I saw this on TikTok a few weeks ago and I thought it was so cute, so I decided to do it myself today,” she began in the clip.

“Let’s call it ‘sprucing up your shower curtain.’”

The young creative held up a thin pastel pink ribbon as well as a lace-and-pearl adorned one.

“I got these two ribbons from Hobby Lobby and then trimmed them to size.”

With both the pink and white ribbons costing less than $4, the total left her spending only $5 for the full transformation.

Abby began by tying the white frilly ribbon in a knot onto her gold shower hooks, and then added the pink ones on the same hooks but tied in a little bow.

“Y’all I think it turned out so cute and girly and I’m obsessed.”

The result was a white shower curtain adorned with pearly strings dangling alongside bubble-gum bows.

One viewer thought it was reminiscent of a dreamy clothing store: “It’s giving Love Shack Fancy.”

And others simply admired the effeminate feel, with one gushing, “This is so perf,” and another echoing, “I am obsessed.”