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I'm a cleaning fan, there's three surprising places you should NEVER use a microfiber cloth including sinks

Jul 07, 2023

IF you’re a cleaning fan, you’ll no doubt have come to rely on the multi-purpose microfiber cloth to ensure your home is sparkling.

But now an avid cleaner has shared that she thinks there are three places that they should never be used – and they’re each as surprising as the last.

Social media account The Amateur Cleaner lifted the lid on her theory as she said: “These places are some of the dirtiest in your home.

“This is not recommended.”

The 23-year-old cleaning fan, aka TikTok’s @theamateurcleaner, then went through each specific location – starting out with the bathroom.

She revealed she would never use the cleaning apparatus – favoured because they are long-lasting and reusable – on the toilet under any circumstances.

Similarly, she said the sink is out of bounds in both the bathroom and the kitchen.

While the third and final thing on the list was using a microfiber cloth to get your floors as good as new.

Explaining the reasoning behind this, The Amateur Cleaner said it was because the make up of the cloths meant they capture and absorb the grime you’re wiping away – and you don’t want to spread it elsewhere in your home.

She said: “Microfibers hold bacteria in their fibres.”

Instead, she said there was only one other alternative to scrub these spots down.

She revealed to her 403k followers: “These are the dirtiest areas in your home so disposable is the most hygienic option.”

However, others said that you could still use the particular cloth in these places – but added their own warning.

One person explained: “I colour code my microfibers, blues is only for the toilet.”

While another added that they prefer to use the cloths to clean, but know they have to take extra care afterwards to ensure they are not spreading the dirt they’ve just cleaned up.

They suggested: “I use a microfiber on sinks to give them shine.

“I then soak in bleach and laundry liquid overnight – I’m sure that kills bacteria.”

And a third TikTok user typed: “I use a microfiber. Wash them all twice.

“First load with cold water and then second load with hot water and bleach!”

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