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I'm a professional cleaner

Jul 18, 2023

IF you’re hoping to keep your home in tip top shape, there are a few gadgets and finishes you might want to avoid.

A cleaning expert said her experience made her banish these eight items all together.

The UK based professional cleaner who goes by @thecleaningwitchLTD often shares before and after clips of the spaces she spruces up.

In one video, she said her work has affected the way she decorates her own house.

“Things I will NEVER own in my home after becoming a cleaner,” she said sternly.

You’ll never see a glass kettle, marble counter top, or dish drying mat in her kitchen.

She also detests cleaning both hardwood and marble flooring.

Rugs and “loads of ornaments” – both prone to collecting dust – won’t make an appearance either.

And lastly, she nearly gags at the thought of heated towel rails, as the damp towels attract bacteria to the steel surface.

“Honestly, these are things I hate in my job. So dirty and such a pain to clean,” she explained in the caption.

As for other décor choices that are actually harboring filth, cleaning expert Kate Croukamp revealed the things she would never have in her own home.

High gloss floor tiles are one, because they show every mark or streak, and mirror backsplashes are another, for the same reason.

She also avoids black sinks, as hard water will leave white stains of calcium build up, and dark cupboards, as they show every fingerprint and grease mark.

More of her no-no’s include: ovens with gas stove tops attached, carpets in bathrooms, and built-in garbage bins.