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Prevent Water

Jul 29, 2023

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Very few are lucky to have a luxury-sized bathroom with a roomy shower and tub. Some have a typical medium-sized tub, while others have a petite shower-and-tub-for-one situation. Some bath designs have little "shelves" dotting the four corners with about 4 inches of usable space to place shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and accessories, but even that isn't quite enough bathroom shower storage. Other bathtubs and showers simply slope upwards at the corners, offering no usable shelf space. In that case, we find ourselves fighting for storage room and essentially playing soccer with our bottles that sit — and constantly fall over — on the floor of the tub. Everything gets water-logged, and spilled product goes down the drain.

To fix this issue, an industrious TikTok creator demonstrated a way to put a stop to your constantly-drenched loofah (which is a potential breeding ground for bacteria), water-logged soap and shampoo, and wet, rusted razors. She used a retractable curtain rod, as well as a couple of waterproof baskets, and hoisted all her items overhead in a genius hack. If making room is a pressing concern throughout your cozy loo, we also found the best products at Target to help organize your bathroom overall.

#showerhack #morespace Dollar Tree and WalMart items

Gather your supplies from a home goods store, Dollar Tree, Amazon, Walmart, or Target. You might want to measure the length from wall to wall first. You're going to buy a tension curtain rod that's correctly sized for your bathroom, made for the shower, and rust-proof. Here's a solid one from BRIOFOX that comes in different colors and sizes. You'll need either small plastic slotted baskets that allow you to hang them to the rod with shower curtain rings, or mesh bags and S hooks — same idea, different products.

As you're getting these items, here's a pro tip: to ensure the curtain rings are large enough to hold the slotted basket while also firmly encircling the tension rod and staying closed, you might want to make an in-person trip to a store that has all these supplies so you can test them out. For example, for all three items to fit properly together, your basket may need holes closer to its top edge, or the tension rod might need to have a smaller circumference. If you get two baskets, add at least two curtain rings to each one. To hang them from the rod, slide the rings over the tension rod, then mount the tension rod from wall to wall. Add your shower supplies and voila — no more water-logged messes.