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ForeverCar Warranty (2023 Review)

Sep 24, 2023

Alex is a MarketWatch Guides team writer that covers automotive and personal finance topics. She’s worked as a content writer for over a dozen car dealerships across the U.S. and as a contributor to several major auto news websites.

Rashawn Mitchner is a MarketWatch Guides team editor with over 10 years of experience covering personal finance, loans, insurance and warranty topics.

An extended warranty can give you peace of mind on the road and may save you from paying out of pocket for a costly mechanical breakdown. In this review, we at the MarketWatch Guides Team will closely examine ForeverCar, one of our top picks for the best extended car warranty companies.

We’ve spent over 500 hours researching extended auto warranty providers. We’ll provide you with an unbiased and honest review of ForeverCar’s costs, warranty plans and customer reviews to help you make an informed decision about whether to buy coverage from the company.

Key Takeaways:

The MarketWatch Guides Team is committed to providing reliable information to help you make the best possible decision about a warranty for your vehicle. Because consumers rely on us to provide objective and accurate information, we created a comprehensive rating system to formulate our rankings of the best extended car warranty companies. We collected data on dozens of auto warranty providers to grade the companies on a wide range of ranking factors. After 500 hours of research, the end result was an overall rating for each provider, with the companies that scored the most points topping the list.

Learn more about our methodology.

Based in Chicago, ForeverCar started as a warranty comparison website in May 2014. With over nine years of experience in the extended warranty space, it’s established itself as a reputable extended warranty provider.

ForeverCar offers vehicle protection plans from various administrators, so it isn’t a direct-to-consumer warranty provider. It also provides mechanical repair coverage in California. The company has partnered with Carvana since 2021, and it’s won awards such as the 2020 AutoTech Breakthrough award for Auto Repair Solution of the Year.

ForeverCar is a well-known and reputable extended warranty provider, ranking second in our comprehensive review of the best car warranty providers on the market. It has an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars on Trustpilot. Its good reputation coupled with flexible short-term contract options lead us to conclude ForeverCar is a great choice to consider once your manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Our research team has found that the average extended car warranty costs around $3,026 total. We calculated this average based on quotes from our list of top-rated extended warranty providers.

We also took the time to mystery shop with ForeverCar to get quotes for some of its most popular plan options. We were provided with the following prices for Platinum Plus and Silver vehicle service contracts:

The Toyota Corolla and Chevrolet Equinox used to get quotes had 30,000 and 90,000 miles on them, respectively. In addition, each plan above has a $250 deductible.

Your quote with ForeverCar will likely differ from what we were quoted due to various factors, including these:

ForeverCar offers four extended warranty plans: Platinum Plus, Platinum, Gold and Silver. Unlike some competitors’ offerings, these plans don’t have mileage limits. However, all coverage plans are only available for 3-year contracts.** This may not be ideal for those looking for longer periods of coverage for their cars.

See the table below for an overview of coverage from ForeverCar:

It’s wise to read over the entirety of an extended warranty contract to ensure you understand the coverage in your chosen plan. If your vehicle breaks down and your contract doesn’t cover the component that needs fixing, you don’t want to be surprised when it’s time for payment.

We appreciate ForeverCar’s transparency regarding its vehicle service contracts. You can find sample contracts online for each plan it offers, and you can cancel your contract at any time if you’re unsatisfied with your coverage. In addition, ForeverCar provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and a prorated refund after 30 days or more.

As with most extended warranty contracts, there’s a waiting period with ForeverCar before your coverage kicks in. However, during your waiting period, you can access the roadside assistance perks that come with your plan.

Most extended warranty providers offer additional perks with their vehicle service contracts, and ForeverCar is no exception. Benefits include:

There are general exclusions that apply to all ForeverCar plans, whether they’re exclusionary or stated-component coverages. Plans usually won’t cover the following:

In addition, ForeverCar doesn’t cover vehicles made before the 2013 model year.

Instead of requiring you to get a quote through a dealership or credit union, ForeverCar makes it easy and efficient to receive a quote online through its website, You’ll need to provide your car’s year, make, model and mileage and your name and ZIP code to receive a quote.

From there, you can customize your deductible and purchase your plan without having to speak with anyone directly if you don’t want to. ForeverCar accepts payments through Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, and payments are automatically made each month.

To learn more firsthand about ForeverCar’s customer service, we opted to call and speak with a representative during our mystery shopping endeavor. We found that the service representative was extremely friendly and helpful and didn’t push to make a sale. We were offered price points for coverage tiers and then sent the follow-up information we requested with additional discount offers.

If it comes time to file a claim, you’ll need to contact ForeverCar’s repair concierge team (which it calls “Protectionators”) via a phone number listed on its website.

Once your vehicle has arrived at the licensed repair facility of your choice, you’ll present your vehicle service agreement before repairs start. From there, once ForeverCar gives the shop the go-ahead for car repairs, you’ll pay your deductible after the repairs have been completed.

There’s no limit to the number of claims you can file during a coverage period. However, there may be a monetary limitation if claims exceed a certain value. Read your contract thoroughly to be aware of any limitations.

ForeverCar has an overall positive customer review reputation through various platforms. It has a 4.8-star rating average and over 5,200 reviews through Trustpilot, with 97% of reviews being either 4.0 or 5.0 stars. Reviews speak about the professionalism of customer service representatives and appreciating the company’s lack of pushy sales tactics.

While ForeverCar is accredited and has an A+ rating from the BBB, it only has an average customer review rating of nearly 1.7 out of 5.0 stars through the platform. However, there are only six customer reviews on this page, which isn’t reflective of the large number of customers ForeverCar serves.

Our review team reached out to ForeverCar for a comment on its BBB customer review score but did not receive a response.

Tom Patterson, vice president of products and services with Protect My Car, warns consumers to look out for “consistently poor ratings on review sites like [the] BBB and Trustpilot” when choosing an extended warranty provider. The more consistency you can find with positive reviews for a provider, the more likely it is to deliver excellent customer service.

ForeverCar offers consumers a solid industry reputation coupled with unlimited-mileage vehicle service contracts. However, while coverage plans are renewable, they only last for a maximum of three years per term. If you’re looking for longer coverage terms, it’s worth your time to check out other providers that offer comparable coverage plans.

See the table below for a breakdown of our team’s ForeverCar ratings by category:

While ForeverCar is a reputable provider with solid coverage options, other companies offer similar coverage with equally great customer service reviews. We recommend shopping around and getting car warranty quotes to find what suits your needs best. We encourage you to start with Endurance and CarShield, two of our top-rated providers.

We choose Endurance as our top pick for the best extended car warranty provider on the market. It stands out from competitors because it sells and administers its coverage plans instead of using a third-party company to administer them, which is rare in the extended warranty industry.

With six coverage plans that can last for up to 200,000 miles, Endurance is a great pick if you’re looking for an extended warranty for a car over 100,000 miles or a used car warranty. Perks include roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement and one year of extras under its Elite Benefits program.

Read more: Endurance review

Our first choice for comprehensive warranty coverage.

In our 2022 warranty survey, we found that over 56% of respondents who purchased an extended warranty from a third-party provider bought from CarShield. Like Endurance, it offers six coverage plans. We like that CarShield plans come with a range of deductibles and the option of month-to-month contracts, which is why we gave the provider the designation of Affordable Monthly Payments.

In addition, CarShield offers policyholders the ease of using an app to view the details of their contracts on their mobile devices. You can easily access warranty claims information, customer service representatives and roadside assistance without hassle.

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A reputable extended warranty provider with industry-low rates.

ForeverCar offers vehicle service contracts that are affordable and last for 3 years/unlimited miles. All four of its coverage options come with travel expense reimbursement, rental car reimbursement and 24/7 roadside assistance. ForeverCar’s highest level of protection covers wear-and-tear parts of your vehicle. In addition, this provider has high customer satisfaction ratings overall.

According to information in the BBB’s files, Infinite Auto Protection is no longer in business. Its website is also no longer live, which suggests the company isn’t in operation.

ForeverCar doesn’t name a CEO on its website. The company is owned by TruStage™, whose president and CEO is Robert N. Trunzo.

Because consumers rely on us to provide objective and accurate information, we created a comprehensive rating system to formulate our rankings of the best extended car warranty companies. We collected data on dozens of auto warranty providers to grade the companies on a wide range of ranking factors. The end result was an overall rating for each provider, with the companies that scored the most points topping the list.

Here are the factors our ratings take into account:

*Data accurate at time of publication.

**Term lengths differ for plans bought in Washington. Contact ForeverCar for details.