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How to Clean a Microfiber Couch So It Looks Brand New

Jul 03, 2023

No stains, no water spots.

We can't think of a single piece of furniture that sees more daily wear and tear than a living room couch. From raucous wrestling matches to chill movie nights, your sofa sees it all—and can show it all too. Many families looking for the best furniture for kids and pets turn to a microfiber couch since the polyester or poly-blend material is pretty easy to wipe clean and doesn't pill or snag; that makes an affordable microfiber sofa a great choice for a first apartment too. But even though do let most stains roll right off their back, you do need to deep clean a microfiber couch every so often, especially if you're hoping to get a decade or more of use out of it. Consider learning how to clean a microfiber couch one more of those rites of adulthood—right up there with making purchases you want to last for 10 years.

Below, we're detailing the right way to clean your microfiber couch (hint: it just takes a bit of elbow grease), as well as techniques you should avoid if you want to prevent permanent stains.

How frequently you need to clean your microfiber couch depends on how much you use it and how hard you and your family are on your things. As a general rule of thumb, you should plan to give your couch a thorough cleaning once a season (that's spring, summer, fall, and winter), though more frequent sessions may be necessary in the event of a stain or blemish. Vacuum up dirt and grime weekly (so it doesn't get ground into the fibers), and attack any fresh spills right away before they can set into the fabric.

It depends on the exact fabric your sofa is upholstered with. As we mentioned earlier, microfiber upholstery can be made of 100 percent polyester fibers or a blend of polyester and other materials (poly blend). Before you get started, take a look at the tag on your couch to determine the specific type of cleaning products the manufacturer recommends using on the fabric. The tag is likely attached to the frame underneath the cushions. Microfiber couches will be marked with a "W", "S", or "W-S" on the tag, depending on the exact blend of fibers. Couches marked with a "W" can be cleaned with water, while those marked with an "S" must be scrubbed with a water-free solvent (such as rubbing alcohol). Those denoted with a "W-S" can use either method.

Microfiber couches tagged with a "W" can be cleaned with soap and water, making them among the easiest types of upholstery to care for. Follow these instructions only if your sofa's label is marked with a "W" or "W-S" If the label says "S" only, you need to use a water-free solvent instead (see below).

Sofas marked with an "S" cannot be cleaned with water and soap. Rubbing alcohol is one of the easiest most affordable cleaners for these types of microfiber couches, though some specialty upholstery cleaners can work too (just read the label usage before proceeding). Rubbing alcohol is not the same as isopropyl alcohol, which has a higher concentration of alcohol.

Pro tip: This method is best used to spot clean a microfiber sofa. If your entire couch needs to be cleaned, you're better off hiring a professional.

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Microfiber couches will be marked with a "W", "S", or "W-S" on the tag, depending on the exact blend of fibers.