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I look like I have curtains in every room but don't own a single set

Jun 03, 2023

A HOME decor fanatic has discovered the easiest way to save money on window dressing.

She said it made her home look chic and stylish despite not owning a single pair of real curtains.

TikToker Curtains and Confetti (@curtainsandconfetti) revealed her DIY solutions in a recent video.

She took viewers on a home tour and shared what she used instead of normal curtains, which tend to be expensive, especially in pairs.

Her kitchen window was outfitted with a set of white tablecloths that reached down to the floor.

She used a set of patterned shower curtains to compliment her living room decor.

And in another common living space, she accented the windows with extra long twin flat bedsheets.

For all three DIY solutions, Curtains and Confetti appeared to use small black clips to attach the fabric to the curtain rod.

Commenters were impressed with how upscale her makeshift curtains looked and the amount of money that could be saved.

One person said: "My mom always used sheets as curtains in our room. Easy to match our bedding and of course cheaper."

Another added: "I’m kind of mad I never thought to do this before!"

"This is genius!" exclaimed one viewer.

Some people shared other items they've used in a similar way to decorate their homes on a budget.

"I've got cloth napkins hanging in my kitchen. Same type of clip set up too," wrote an impressed commenter.

"Painters drop cloth is awesome too!" shared another person.