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The Best Screen Cleaners of 2023

Jul 01, 2023

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We tried a bunch of different options. Here are the ones that performed best on smudges.

With so much of our work (and free time) now spent on a phone, laptop, or tablet, we are staring at screens more often than ever before. While it is key to protect your eyes from prolonged exposure to blue light, it is also important to keep those screens clean of oils and smudges.

Especially when it comes to touchscreens, screen cleaning devices, wipes, and sprays are vital in improving the clarity of your device and reducing the smudges and scuffs we have grown accustomed to seeing on our screens. Furthermore, many screen cleaners also reduce the amount of germs on our devices, which, may be much higher than you think.

Screen cleaners come with different types meant for multiple use cases and choosing the best option depends on the devices you want to clean and

Screen cleaners come in a number of different forms, from microfiber towels to spray-on solutions to disposable wipes. Each different type of cleaner offers distinct qualities that set it apart from other options. Microfiber cloths are the easiest to carry with you for on-the-go spot cleaning.

Spray solutions are usually the most effective at removing tough smudges and killing germs that have been living on your devices—and since you can use them with cleaning rags, screen cleaning sprays are best for large devices like TVs or computer monitors. Sprays are only blunted by the relative tediousness of spraying down and wiping off your devices, when all you may need is a quick scrub in the corner.

Disposable wipes are both convenient and effective, with most offering some level of disinfectant on top of clearing your screen of smudges. The disposable nature of them means it is easy to simply wipe your device and throw it away.

Many screen cleaning cloths and gadgets are designed to be reused hundreds if not thousands of times before being replaced. Some of these cloths are even machine washable so you can keep them fresh over time. Spray solutions will eventually need to be replaced but usually last for several cleanings before that is the case.

Disposable wipes usually only have between 30 to 100 wipes per container and will need to be replaced and purchased again far more often.

Most screen cleaners today are designed to be effective at cleaning laptop screens, smartphones, tablets, and even some larger devices like TVs or desktop monitors. That being said, you should always check the instructions and product descriptions before using a spray solution or wet wipe that could possibly cause damage if used. Our top pick, the OXO Good Grips Sweep & Swipe laptop cleaner comes with a microfiber cloth that works on nearly all screens as well as a brush for laptop keyboards or any corners on an electronic device that may accumulate dust.

We made our final decisions on this list after testing out multiple products in person. We used these products to clean different laptops, smartphones, and other devices to test out their effectiveness on different types of screens and how convenient they are to use. In addition to the in-person testing, we heavily researched each option based on trusted opinions of other sites as well as by scouring through hundreds of verified customer reviews.

This screen cleaning device from OXO stands out from many other options due to its dual-purpose design. This screen cleaner comes with a microfiber pad that clears off smudges from screens alongside a brush to remove crumbs and dust from in between tight spaces.

This dual device was quite effective at cleaning off my own laptop, particularly when it came to clean out the crevices between the keys on my keyboard.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the covered lid that protects the cloth pad and the retractable design of the brush. This allowed me to carry it with me without damaging or dirtying the cleaning portions of this device.

Perhaps the most convenient option when it comes to portability, the Screen Daddy from the popular sponge and cleaning brand, Scrub Daddy, sticks with your device no matter where it is.

Simply use the adhesive side to stick the small microfiber circle on the back of a phone case or laptop and peel it off whenever you need to wipe away a smudge.

This is easily the biggest mark toward these cleaners. I’ve found myself using it constantly as a way to quickly wipe off my phone while I am out or don’t have time to clean off my screen.

Designed for more than just removing smudges and fingerprints, these cleaning wipes from Weiman are built to clean away everything. These disposable wipes are designed to disinfect the surfaces of your electronic devices from germs or diseases.

The disposable design means that you can feel safe that each wipe is clean and effective instead of possible trapping and collecting germs following multiple uses.

Alongside removing germs and smudges, these wipes are also meant to reduce static on certain electronics, such as TVs and computer monitors.

If you need the most effective option for cleaning smudges off of screens, it is hard to argue against the screen cleaner kit from Whoosh.

Using this screen cleaner spray in tandem with the microfiber cloth led to some of the most effective results out of any product we tested. What impressed me the most was the efficiency of the spray.

I only used a few spritzes and my entire screen was wiped clean without issue. Even with the more temporary design of a spray, you can expects to get thousands of cleanings out of the cloth and solution without needing a replacement.

Made by Windex, these screen cleaning wipes are built to wipe away smudges without leaving any streaks. Another disposable option, these electronic wipes are meant to be perfect for a deep clean with the convenience of a microfiber cloth.

Unlike other disposable options, which usually prioritize disinfecting above all else, these wipes are designed for improving screen clarity exclusively—you’ll need a disinfectant wipe to remove germs.

Each package of these Windex electronics wipes is designed to be resealed so the wipes don’t lose moisture over time.

Perhaps the simplest in overall design, this screen cleaner from MagicFiber is built to work on nearly any flat display. The microfiber materials work great at wiping off grease and smudges as well as lifting away dust and crumbs.

The microfiber materials have also proven to be effective at more than just screens, with this cloth working well for my glasses and sunglasses as well.

While not quite as effective as a spray option or moistened disposable towel, this screen cleaner works great with just your hands, and can be reused time and time again.

One of the most versatile options you can buy, this screen cleaner is a combination microfiber cloth pad mixed with a spray solution, perfect for your desk setup. You can spray down your screen and immediately wipe using the exact same device.

The combination design alongside the plastic protective case makes it easy to drop into a bag or backpack and carry with you wherever you go.

Even the protective case comes with a combination design. Alongside holding the screen cleaner, it is built to hold your smartphone as a stand while watching videos.

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