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The Unexpected Purpose Aluminum Foil Serves In Your Shower

Jul 25, 2023

Before you relegate your rusty shower curtain rod to the trash can, there's a way you can salvage it. Not only does this keep waste out of landfills, but it saves you money on unnecessary purchases. You might think that removing rust requires a good deal of elbow grease, but it can be as simple as giving it a rub with white vinegar and aluminum foil, two items you probably have in your pantry. Moreover — as an added bonus of this rust-removal hack — you can throw aluminum foil in your dishwasher (top rack only) and reuse it.

If you don't have aluminum foil handy but have steel wool, you can use this as well. Even better, when you reuse or repurpose existing items in your home, you reduce the amount of garbage you throw out daily. And since Americans toss four and a half pounds of trash every day, you'll work to reduce your carbon footprint. While you may not want to cook with the same aluminum foil you cleaned your shower curtain rod with, you can save it for another hack. For example, if you're in the mood to do some deep cleaning, you can use aluminum foil for moving furniture. You'll save your back while reusing the foil you just cleaned your shower curtain rod with.

Clean that rusty shower curtain rod with vinegar and aluminum foil #fyp

Start with a sheet of aluminum foil. Cut it into smaller pieces so it's easier to use, or grab a leftover piece of aluminum foil you may have in your refrigerator. Next, add some white vinegar to a bowl, you want just enough to coat the aluminum foil. Place the pieces of aluminum foil in your bowl of vinegar, then you'll need to do a little prep work with your shower curtain rod. Quickly wipe it down, removing any dried-on soap or dirt, which allows the aluminum foil to fully do its job.

Once your rod is dirt-free, it's time to watch the magic unfurl. It's amazing how easily the rust wipes clean with nothing more than the aluminum foil and white vinegar. If you're worried about rust returning, you can always look for a stainless steel shower curtain rod, but we're confident this aluminum foil trick will leave you satisfied with the hardware you already have in your shower.

Your shower curtain hooks and grommets may also need some TLC. The good news is that if they are made of metal, you can use this hack to remove rust from them as well. All you need to do is follow the same steps as you would for your shower curtain rod, rubbing them with a piece of vinegar-soaked aluminum foil.

If you have leftover vinegar but can't pour it back into the container for risk of cross-contamination, you can pour it down your drain with some baking soda to help clear up any shower clogs. This way, you can repurpose the vinegar while alleviating the need for harsh chemicals. Before you wrap up your rust-removing project, look for other fixtures around your bathroom, like shower heads, door knobs, or sink wastes that might have a little bit of rust, and scrub them. With this hack, the possibilities are endless.