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Pros And Cons Of A Straight Vs. Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Jun 03, 2023

After completing a bathroom remodel, deciding on the final details, like the shower curtain rod, can get daunting. After all, you're dealing with both visual and functional aspects. So looking at the pros and cons of a straight shower curtain rod over a curved one helps with the decision. Straight curtain rods are generally more basic in design, making them good for small bathrooms, whereas a curved rod will provide more space for showering.

Naturally, the factor of space will affect the visual quality of the bathroom's design, considering how much attention is drawn to the curtain. Plus, you might want to think about the differences regarding the installation of the straight and curved options. And of course, we can't forget other important benefits related to safety, purpose, availability, and cost for each. With this in mind, we'll examine how well each type works in relation to the amount of interior and exterior space that you're working with, allowing you to choose the design that best suits the layout of your bathroom.

The curved shower curtain rod has its own set of ups and downs. For one, it stays cleaner for longer since it's situated further away from the water and splashes of soap lather. And, with the additional space provided by the rod's shape, a child or senior can shower in a safer space without the worry of getting tangled up in the curtain. With that in mind, though, an extra long curtain might be needed due to the shape of the curved shower curtain rod which might pose a hazard if someone were to trip over it. Another downside to the longer curtain and rounded shape is that curved shower rods might not work out well in bathrooms with a tighter space.

If you want do want to install a curved rod but are concerned about its trademark protrusion into the bathroom's space, you can find some curved curtain rods that have a ball-and-socket mechanism, which allows you to flip the rod so that the curve is inverted toward the opposite wall of the shower. This takes the curtain out of your way, thus giving you more flexibility with safety and design. A curved shower curtain rod also possesses a striking visual appeal, especially if you're striving for a more modern design, but that does often come with a higher price tag.

Likewise, a straight shower curtain rod has many benefits including a less expensive price. Plus, you can find them just about anywhere, which is definitely a perk if you're working with a small budget and an even smaller timeline. Regarding aesthetics and space, the straight shower curtain offers a more classic look which makes it rather versatile. Plus, they give an accurate rendering of the width of the shower even with a few inches of curtain overlapping the sides of the doorway. Yet another pro for straight shower curtain rods is how the curtain hangs to where it doesn't take up any space outside of the shower.

However, straight shower curtain rods provide just enough room for what you need to do which means you'll need to keep elbows, knees, and the handles of back scrubbers tucked in unless you don't mind them bumping against the curtain. Additionally, some may argue that the setup looks boring and doesn't bring any pizazz to the overall design. The curtain can also be more difficult to keep clean since it has close contact with water, soap, and shampoo. With this constant exposure, the curtain will need to be washed on a more regular basis. You can try to ward off this problem by using double rods, giving you a plastic curtain to clean on the inside and a more decorative cloth one on the outside, which can be replaced periodically.